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What should an abortion Cost?

We can't tell you exactly what the procedure should cost in your area.  It really does vary from state to state and city to city.  Generally, the procedure costs less where there is competition, but not always.  We'll share our opinion on what to expect and what to ask.  You DO need to check prices.

If you have decided on an abortion, you need an abortion specialist.   That isn't your local gynecologist unless he or she is primarily an abortion provider (must do at least 20 abortion procedures a month and is certified by the National Abortion Federation!)  Even very good gynecologists and other physicians do not have the training and experience to provide the most modern low risk and pain free abortion.


Ask about the cost:

Before you decide on a doctor's office or a clinic you should establish what the whole procedure will cost and what is covered in terms of aftercare.  You may reasonably decide to get care at a more expensive clinic because you are convinced it is best for you.  That's fine, but don't begin to believe that more expensive is necessarily better.

Find out what's covered:
   The first office visit.
   An ultrasound.
   All pre-procedure medications.
   Special medication for Patients with Rh negative blood types.
   The doctor's attendance and performance of the procedure.
   Recovery time and observation.
   All post-procedure medications.
   Procedure related patient care for at least 30 days.
                  (our top rated clinic covers 90 days)

If a clinic quotes you an initial cost, then says it charges extra for an ultrasound, medications or other items, beware.  This approach is common with Planned Parenthood clinics that often charge more for a procedure than first-rate clinics when you add up all the separately billed items.  We have also seen this pattern with large chain clinics.  We recommend you look for a clinic that is open and up-front about costs from the beginning.  If the clinic is not the whole story about the whole cost up front, can you trust them with your special needs?