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How Painful Might It Be?

We do have an opinion on what you should expect with regard to pain.  Unfortunately, we can't tell you what to expect from any particular clinic or doctor except for a few that we have looked at closely.  We offer our opinion here on surgical abortion not the abortion pill.  The pain level with the abortion pill will almost always be there.

In the hands of the best doctors using the most modern procedures, you won't feel any pain.  Procedures vary.  It's important that you choose your clinic wisely.  It should never be necessary to resort to general anesthesia to avoid the pain of an abortion.


Why should it hurt?

It shouldn't!  We talked to several women who had abortions (at a clinic run by a well-known choice advocate organization) and judged the pain to be substantial to severe.  We talked with women who had abortions at a first-rate private practice clinic who virtually all reported the procedure to be surprisingly free of pain.  There really is a difference in pain levels, just as there is in complication rates.

What's the difference?

The West End Women's Medical Group of Reno, Nevada has published a book for physicians (Surgical Abortion by Eugene Glick M.D., M.P.H.) that outlines

the use modern yet simple procedures and medications that contribute to a comfortable and safe procedure.  Physicians who follow this modern procedure and their patients report the procedure is often without discomfort and that pain is very rare.

What you should do:

Ask! Ask about pain.  Ask whether the doctor will use the Field Block as described in Surgical Abortion or a paracervical block.

  If the office gives you a vague answer such as, "Our doctors are very good." or they don't know how to answer or they say they use a paracervical block, go somewhere else!  Today's abortion doctors should not be part time and should not have outdated knowledge about procedures and medications.  You deserve the best.  Demand it.  Travel to another city if you have to.  Find a doctor who is familiar with and uses the procedures outlined in the modern professional text on abortion, Surgical Abortion.