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Abortion and fertility:

Do you wonder if you will still be able to have children after an abortion?  Our opinion is straight forward and simple -- Yes.

If you have decided on an abortion, DON'T even think about your local gynecologist unless he or she is primarily an abortion specialist (must do at least 20 abortion procedures a month and is certified by the National Abortion Federation!  Even very good gynecologists and other physicians do not have the training and experience to provide the most modern low risk and pain free abortion.


What say the experts?

The Center for Disease Control conducted an extensive review of studies worldwide about the effect of abortion on future childbearing. They concluded that vacuum aspiration does not pose a measurable risk to a woman's childbearing ability. Compared to women who carry their first pregnancy to term, women who terminate their first pregnancy by vacuum aspiration abortion are at no greater risk of infertility or ectopic pregnancy in the future.

You may be surprised to find that serious complications are 10 times more likely to occur when a pregnancy goes to term than from a properly conducted surgical abortion.  This statistic doesn't apply to the abortion pill because of its very high risk of complications.