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We want to accurately list all clinics in the United States.  We are not charging any fees for listing clinics or updating listings and we are trying very hard not to leave anyone out.

Please use the form below to update your clinic information, delete your clinic or add your clinic.  We have seen other sites that don't list any clinics that don't pay them.  When someone looks for a clinic in "their city," these sites don't list the non-paying clinics leading the person seeking the services to believe they don't have abortion services available nearby.  We think that is not only irresponsible, but unethical.  We will work hard to make your clinic information accessable to your patients.  There is no fee for listing your clinic.

Fill in all the information below and keep it simple. We use a number of sophisticated word and phrase filters designed to cull out anti-choice gibberish.  If you are not a clinic representative and you want to leave us an anti-freedom message, be our guest.  We will never have to read it, our filter system will simply delete the message before it gets to us.

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